Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

A Financial Power of Attorney grants to a designated agent the ability to act on behalf of the principal. These documents can range from specific, limited tasks, to all the rights and powers you yourself have. They can take effect immediately, or only in the event of disability.

Entrusting someone with these decision making capabilities can be designed to benefit you in many situations. They can allow you to fulfill financial or legal obligations while out of town, traveling abroad, or if you are incapacitated. In the event of incapacity, it avoids the need for a formal court conservatorship.

A Healthcare Power of Attorney enables you to appoint someone you trust to make healthcare decisions if you are unable to do so.

The attorneys at Keene & Sparks, LLP, have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your assets and goals regarding powers of attorney. We can advise you and draft a fully effective estate plan including advanced living will directives and powers of attorney ensuring your financial and health objectives are fulfilled.

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